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 VéRITé, Streaming & Dashboard

Inspiration & Background

Cinema vérité is a style of filmmaking characterized by realistic, typically documentary motion pictures that avoid artificiality and artistic effect and are generally made with simple equipment. The website is designed to offer a wide selection of independent & documentary movies. On top of the home page, there is a dashboard that allows the viewer to keep on track of his watching habits.


Home Page & Dashboard UI

The Website contains several parts:  "My Watchlist" dashboard which designed to provide a simple & Easy overview of my watching habits. In the top infographic, the user can see how many hours he spent on the site in total and more in detail which content he follows. The home page is personalized to each user and present my favorites, recommended by friends, and filter engine so Ve'rite will promote more accurate shows and films. 


Home Page, Tablet Screen

Visual & Functional App Language 

Design System

Dashboard Icons

Branding: Name & Logo Tests

Image Hover Overlay

Syncing Favories

Sync with Friends- Share preferences & follow Libraries

Mobile Home Page & Dashboard

Hover Modes




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