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KAABOO Del Mar Festival App

Inspiration & Background

Kaaboo del mar is a great summer festival located in California, USA. It’s a unique, colorful, and rich in content festival which offers its audience a complete 3-day experience. It has several music stages, art installations, comedy stand-up shows, adult playgrounds, indulgence spots & more. I created a new look for Kaaboo’s App that communicates better with their fun website.

"There’s that saying that when you try to please everyone, you wind up pleasing no one. But it’s like KAABOO took that as a challenge. And maybe it isn’t really a festival for everyone, but just a festival for everyone else.”

The App offers a range of screens and features. After log-in via your Facebook account, you will be able to locate friends on spot, send messages, locations, preferences & more. Paying during the festival will be done via the app as well, and cash will not be necessary to carry.  The essentials will be found on the map screen, and the schedule will be divided according to the different stages and events. UX & UI, collaboration with Tamar Segura


Top video source: KAABOO Del Mar Music Festival Lineup 2018, YouTube.

Colour Pallet

Icons & Symbols

Log-in Screens

Map & Schedule

Stages Location Overview and Festival Schedule

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