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Finding Grace. App for Seniors

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The App “Finding Grace” was created & designed for retired seniors  (Usually around the age of 65 years old and above). The idea behind the platform is to reshape and define the seniors day to day life after being used to a certain routine and lifestyle that drastically changed when reaching retirement age.  The app offers activities, self-development, and aims to enrich life by other elderly offering events according to different fields of interest. In the following case-study I will guide you through the research, methodology, and personas I interviewed throughout the project. 

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”  Mark Twain

Roles in the Project


UX Design

Product Conception

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Information Architecture

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Main Problem

Many newly retired people don’t know how to manage their new status. Reaching retirement age doesn't necessarily mean being old and looking forward to quitting your job. Most of the 60 years old I know are perfectly vital and healthy both physically and cognitively. This new chapter in life brings a lot of challenges including finding new activities, hobbies, and expending social networks.  

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The Outcome

This big change can be confusing and change a person's wellbeing by leading to loneliness and Health problems which later in can cause depression.

Reasons for the Problem

inevitable retirement that often causes a tremendous change in their professional, personal, and social status (loneliness then often appears as a secondary problem). Researches show that 43% of the elderly feeling lonely on a regular base. 

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“Retirement is fun and I'm busy, but I want to learn more, to enrich myself! Not sure tho how to to that yet... " Iris

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The outcomes were interesting and surprising. My original idea was to develop a tool that would expand their social network - when in fact one of their biggest desires is to enrich their lives on a cognitive level. The seniors were eager to learn, stay vital, and to keep exploring life.

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"I was a teacher for 4- years. I love math and aeronautics. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for new interests and hobbies. Meir

Finally, I came to realize that most seniors- would be happy to find a new direction in life that as a bonus will also increase their network, and not the other way around. Another relevant insight was the elderly openness and interest in technology. Although they obviously didn't grow up surrounded by smartphones, computers, and other screens - most of the interviewer wanted to learn and use technology on a daily base. 

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The focus was on loneliness among the elderly and the possibilities of treating the problems on both physical and digital channels. I interviewed 10 seniors; 6 women and 4 men; asking them about their background, family status, daily routines, retirement influence, and approach to technology.

Facts & Numbers

Elderly & Internet?! Does it Exist??  YES. Very Much.  According to Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD. A research made in July 2018 There is a lot of misconception regarding seniors (65 and above) and technology. Here are some surprising facts:

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66% Use the internet (compared to 14% back in 2000)

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49% Are using a variety of social network sites

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78% Check online for information they’re interested in 

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70% Use the search engine

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91% Of users check their Emails on a daily base 


Out of the interviews I nade 2 personas that led the flow and helped to create a basic framework. The personas character & interests are very different, their common point is age and professional status. Both retired. 

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פרסונות _פרזנטציה_גרסת אנגלית22.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 15.12.10.png

The Solution

Designing an app that offers seniors increasing their well-being on both social and intellectual level. An app that allows browsing and finding relevant activities & events according to personal preferences and filters. Next to self-development and vitality, the app creates a sense of belonging to a new community based on mutual interests.

App Velues

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Empowering & Enriching Life

Artboard 15 copy 4.jpg

Enhance Social Circles

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Creating a Sense of Belonging

Market Research

The research focused on 3 main markets:

1. Elderly (seniors)

2. Social network apps ( in specific “Finding Friends" apps)

3. Events & Activities finder

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Easy Tablet Help, Geriatric, 

MindMate, EMS, The Brain


Panion, FriendRequest, PINK Video Chat, Bumble, Hey! Vina

Yubo, TalkLife

Artboard 1 copy 2.png


MeetUp, Eventbrite, Funzing

Artboard 1 copy.png

           Most elderly Apps are designed for health/ medical care and 

        partly games related.


        Seniors design is quite old-fashioned, minimal, the elements

        are scaled & simplified and the general vibe is not very appealing


         Most event apps aren’t customized to find personal activities.
user mostly filters events by preferences.

         "Finding Freinds” apps are quite a failure…. None of them really

         work except for dating apps :) 

Relevant Findings

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After several tests, I created the following flow in Axure:




Profile Setup


Event Page

Event Page & Feed


Hi-Fidelity Wireframes


Onboarding is one of the most critical phases in an app user’s journey. I built this process to be benefit-oriented: The screens are Introducing the cause to get people emotionally involved & demonstrating the benefits and values of the membership program.

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Artboard 50 copy 6.png
Artboard 50 copy 5.png
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Questionnaire Process- Profile Setup 

The questionnaire contains a few pages that will help the algorithm generate the best results according to the user answer. The more details are given- the more accurate the offers will be. Once the profile is completed the user will be forward directly to the home-page. The profile could always be modified under the setting page.

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Artboard 52.png
Artboard 38 copy 2.png

User Flow

Arranging the complete flow help to realize the order and needs of the user. Which page leads where and which features need to be added/ remove as a result.

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Artboard 52 copy.png


Artboard 1.jpg

Log in

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Artboard 1 copy 7.jpg


Artboard 1 copy 16.jpg

Event Page

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Artboard 52 copy 2.png
Artboard 52 copy 2.png

Registration Process 

The process is confirming the user age, the term of use and allow easy registration. There are 3 main options to choose from Facebook/ Google or directly from the phone via SMS.


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Artboard 1 copy 25.jpg


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Design System

Next, I created a UI Kit, a comprehensive collection of all components and UI patterns used on the app. The colors used are bright, light, and calm for the eye. one darker color for the text and orange to highlight buttons and emphasize important information. The animated figures are decorative and as well humanizing the app to feel a bit more personal and emphatic. The Text made larger, bolder, and suitable for the senior audience.  The overall look and feel of the app had to fit a conservative and technologically challenged ​audience, yet to people who feel young in heart, aren't afraid of learning new things, and eager to stay vital and up- to- date. 

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